Mary Evans Elementary Room Parent Responsibilities

Correspondence Manager To Do List
Send out your Room Parent Classroom Introduction Letter (with volunteer opportunities listed). Copy and distribute to the
classroom for the Friday Folder – try to complete this week to make it into the folder. (See sample letter)
Your teacher has filled out a Faculty Favorites form which is in the folder. You can send a copy to parents on the back of
your welcome letter or attached to it. You may want to send it out again around their birthdays. We will have copies up on
the PTA website as well.
Complete a Volunteer background check (click on the link fo the NISD Volunteer Background Check – upper left corner).
Make an appointment with or send an email to your teacher to find out what their needs are regarding classroom help.
a. Do they want volunteers to come in on certain days & times to work with the students?
b. Do they need someone to help with making copies?
c. Would they like help with cutting, pasting, sorting, stuffing folders, etc?
It may be helpful to set up a rotation schedule with parent volunteers interested in doing this type of volunteering.
If you create a schedule, provide this schedule to your teacher. Consider working with other correspondence
managers in the other classrooms to set up a grade-level rotation so volunteers can make the most out of their
time at the school with less frequent trips.
Teacher Appreciation and teacher birthdays are opportunities to celebrate our wonderful teaching staff. These do not
have to be elaborate events. It is nice to let other parents know that the date is approaching, so make the effort to send
out notice at least 1 week before the upcoming birthday. You can coordinate activities (such as putting together a gift card
tree or seeking volunteers to bring breakfast and lunch to your child’s teacher) or you can leave it up to each individual
family. You can have the students come up with a creative ways to celebrate (for example: putting together a booklet of
poems, pictures or hand drawn pictures). Teacher appreciation is May 2-6 this year. Your teacher’s birthdate is on their
Faculty Favorites sheet. If your teacher has a summer birthday, figure out a good alternative to celebrate.
Classroom Parties This year we have two classroom parties (Winter and Valentine’s Day). Work with your teacher to
decide times and how they want the party to go. Do they want to coordinate with the whole grade level (for example: 2nd
grade had a grade-level wide celebration with Bahama Bucks Hawaiian Ice outside for one of its parties last year)? Will you
need to coordinate games or crafts with the classroom volunteers?
2015- 2016 BEES Events
Friday, October 16th--Ellison's Bike Rodeo!
Friday, Oct 23rd – Hive Hustle (glow run/fall fund raiser)
Friday, 12/18 – Winter Party for the classroom. Time TBD.
Friday, 2/12 – Valentine’s Day Party for the classroom. Time TBD.
Friday, 2/26 – Buzz Fest (school carnival/spring fund raiser)
May 2-6 – Teacher Appreciation Week
Friday, May 20 – Field Day
Thursday, 6/2 – End of School Picnic