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Long Reach High School NEEDS VOLUNTEERS!


The following LRHS events need many volunteers to be successful. Volunteering a little of your time can make a big difference. It’s a lot of fun too! Once you sign up, you will be contacted as needed. Long Reach’s PTSA and Staff appreciate your help.

Please contact me regarding:

1. _____ After Prom Party:

(May 8th 12:30 AM to 5:00 AM) Volunteers are needed to help with planning, promoting, obtaining donations, selling


tickets, chaperoning etc. for a safe, alcohol and drug free after prom party.

_____ Hospitality & Staff Appreciation:

Help is needed for various activities to support our staff and school including National Education Week, dinner for teacher conferences, information nights, Staff Appreciation Week and other events throughout the year.

3. _____ Baking/Food Donations:

We need help with baking or providing snacks for special events for the staff or students throughout the year.

4. 5. 6. _____ Parents of the REACH:

to assist with events students) Volunteers are needed for occasional help throughout the year

during the school day

. I.E. Renaissance (quarterly incentives for

_____ Junior Interviews:

Help the guidance department conduct mock interviews with Juniors – (March)

_____ Student Services:

Help the guidance department during the day with various needs including reception desk, computer, scholarship, employment & college resources.


_____ PTSA Committees:

Need parents to help with various committees throughout the year.


_____ Homecoming Carnival:

Need parents to help with planning, running booths, and staffing tables. (Homecoming Carnival: Oct 9 th )

Parent/Guardian Name


Student Names(s


Grades (s)


Best phone number to reach you:


Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ (Most communications are done by email) PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU. Please completely fill out this form and return to school marked “PTSA Volunteer Checklist”.