Constructive Feedback

Constructive Feedback
When the volunteers install something that is not quite right, they tend to be rather sensitive
when it is judged to be inadequate because they want to do a good job and do not like wasting
time or materials. Telling volunteers that we will have to take something apart and re-do it is
probably one of the most awkward “people issues” that the House Leader or Crew Leader will
face. How this is managed will go a long way toward volunteers feeling good about their day
and choosing to return.
This is particularly frustrating for the House Leader when he or she is behind schedule and it is
the sixth or seventh thing that day that has not gone as expected. However, emphasizing how
important it is to the homebuyer family to buy a good house and explaining exactly why the
material needs to be removed and reinstalled will provide a compelling teaching moment for the
volunteers and/or Crew Leaders. Being able to handle this graciously is one of the
competencies of a mature House Leader.
Abraham Lincoln once said, “Almost all men can handle adversity; if you want to test a man’s
character, give him power”.
V1. 7-12-11