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RDG 071 BASIC READING section SPRING 2009 8:30 – 9:45 AM T TH 10 – 11 AM M W F Glendale Community College 6000 W. Olive Avenue Glendale AZ 85302

7 things you should know about this class

1. What is it anyway?

This class is designed to improve reading skills. Words will be pulled apart, put together, analyzed and synthesized. Paragraphs will be studied for main ideas and supporting details. Dictionaries will become your friend. The library will become a familiar place. The goal of this class is to improve your reading and vocabulary.

2. What will we do?

We’ll work on word parts, whole words, and build a Official course description: Practice and application of basic reading skills. Word recognition skills including phonic analysis, structural analysis, use of context, and use of dictionary, reinforced through practical application. Development of vocabulary required for success in content area courses. Emphasis on literal comprehension and figurative interpretation using materials selected to build background knowledge.


: Reading placement test score, or Grade of C or better in RDG040, or permission of instructor.

How is it graded?

Your grade is an average of the scores you receive for store of words. Besides increasing vocabulary, we’ll homework, quizzes and book also be using dictionaries and putting words to work. reports. There will be a final exam at the end of the Reading comprehension will be a regular part of class. Last of all, we’ll explore the library and check out at least two books during this semester.


Contact Information

e-mail [email protected]

Phone: (623) 845- 3664 Department Office: (623) 845 – 3625 Course delivery system semester.

Office Hours

05-125 To be announced


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What will we need?

Langan, John. Groundwork for College Reading. Fourth Edition New Jersey: Townsend, 2008. [ISBN 10-59194-087-7] Dictionary Highlighters

What’s the division of labor?


: The fact is you’ll be doing most of the work. To succeed in this class, you’ll need to dedicate time every day to review and prepare for class. You need to come to class. You need to keep track of assignments and keep in touch with the instructor. As long as you come to class, keep up with the assignments, and prepare to participate, you will be doing your part.


: I, too, will dedicate myself to your success by fostering a respectful environment in class, guiding your learning and modeling academic excellence. If at any time during the semester, you have concerns, please talk to me. I want you to succeed in your learning.

Any fine print?

 Turn off and put away any electronic devices during class time.  Come to class. Your attendance is important. Official school  absences require advance notice and arrangements for assignments. You may be dropped after three absences. Do your own work. You’ll fail any assignment with plagiarized work.   Taping is allowed only after talking to me. If you have a disability that may have some impact on your work in this class and for which you may require accommodations, you need to notify the Disability Services office, located in TDS-100. Telephone: (623) 845 3080

Any surprises?

There will be no major changes in course requirements or policies, which are listed in this syllabus, but I reserve the right to modify the assignment calendar as necessary. You’ll receive a printed course calendar and know about any changes well in advance.