Honors Geometry

Paul DeNies, Instructor
Telephone: 510/656-5711, ext. 46255
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: irvington.org\pdenies - Room #P15
Honors Geometry is a course in the college preparatory sequence of courses at Irvington. This course
is for students that have demonstrated exemplary mastery of the Algebra One standards. The students
will be assessed on the depth of their knowledge of the California Standards for Mathematics Education.
These major concepts include, but are not limited to: area and perimeter, logical argumentation,
problem solving, properties of angles, geometric constructions, and understanding surface area and
volume of polyhedra. Students will also be assessed using the four School Wide Outcomes: Personal
Responsibility, Civic Responsibility, Critical Thinking, and communication.
A Student who is properly prepared for class should bring with them as a minimum a spiral notebook,
pencils, and some lined paper. Other tools that will frequently be used include a compass, a protractor,
and a straight edge (ruler).
Personal Responsibility: Students demonstrate their success with this outcome by completing
assignments on time, coming to class prepared, and utilizing all available resources including tutorial
time, group effort and appointments with the instructor. Civic Responsibility: Students will behave
appropriately for a serious course in Mathematics. Assisting those in their groups and maintaining
school property are important indicators of student success with this outcome. Communication:
Students will develop an increasing level of skill at listening, speaking, reading, and writing to
demonstrate understanding of Mathematical ideas. Critical Thinking: Students will demonstrate
growth in problem solving skills using a variety of methods.
Various means are used to assess student ability and knowledge. There are fiver main categories used
for their grades: Classwork (cw) which includes arriving to class on time, participating and following the
rules and procedures. Homework (hw) which includes completing the daily assignments from the
previous lesson (note: usually on double block days they will be assigned two homeworks, the second
of which I will not assess until the following Monday). Quizzes (quiz) which can be “pop quizzes”
amounting to usually 3 per week. Chapter Tests and midterms and finals
The assignments are weighted as follows: cw 10%, hw 10%, quiz/test 60%, midterm/final 20%
Students are encouraged to use their spiral notebook, which should include all notes and classwork and
are sometimes allowed during the chapter tests. A binder is also suggested to keep all homework
assignments and assessments taken and returned. Finally, if time allows, some form of semester
project will be added at the end of the semester for the students to review the chapters covered each
semester. Grades will be determined by these percentages:
The final grades
A: 100-90%
B: 90-80%
C: 80-70%
I*: 70-60% (with 70% or greater hw completion)
NC less than 60% (or less than 70% with less than 70% hw completion)
No hats, food, soda, gum, and electronic devices in class (except calculators when permitted). Respect
others and their property. Be on time with your homework and appropriate materials.
*CONTRACTS (“I” grade):
Contracts will only be issued if a student has a grade over 60% and has completed over 70% of the
homework assignments. Late work is accepted only under excused absences.