Ideas and strategies for students

Strategies for a successful middle school student Omega, Charlotte Central School
Ideas and strategies for students
Get a good night’s sleep.
Eat a healthy breakfast.
Arrive in a timely manner to school and all class sessions.
Come prepared to school and classes with all necessary
materials for the day or each class session
Strive to be organized. It is important to be able to locate
materials quickly for use as needed.
Set goals. Make and complete steps to achieve them.
Participate in class by
o Listening actively
o Contributing to discussion with ideas or answers
o Maintaining appropriate classroom behavior and
o Following directions and staying on task
Use planner in class and at home as an organizer to
o Record assignments and upcoming tests or quizzes
o Manage and budget both time and effort
o Complete assignments on time
Complete assignments thoroughly and thoughtfully.
Seek help when needed.
Plan ahead and follow up with teacher after absence
(including partial class absences for music lessons).
Use respectful language and tone when communicating
with others.
Take responsibility for actions and words.
Make time for yourself!
o Get some downtime at recess. Relax.
o Participate in family events and activities.
o Spend some time doing something you enjoy.
Ideas and strategies for parents
Support your child by getting him/her to school on time.
Help your child develop a system to get all necessary
materials to school with him/her at the start of the day.
Check in with your child to see if he/she has the right
amount of sleep and nutrition to be ready for school.
Designate a time and space with your child for school
Help students prepare for group work by encouraging your
child to see other perspectives. This will help establish a
positive and respectful pattern for resolving challenges with
the work or people.
Give your child the opportunity to experience the positive
and/or negative consequences of his/her independent
choices. Help him/her learn from these natural
Read (and respond as needed to) school communication in
a timely manner. This includes CCS newsletters and Omega
Recognize that students have different strengths and
challenges; success comes in many forms.
Contact your child's support group teacher as needed.
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Semester One Dates
- Interim: close October 30th
- Semester: close January 15th (Report cards go home on Jan 27th.)
Semester Two Dates
- Interim: close March 18th
- Semester: close June 3rd (Report cards go home last week of