As noted on your unit study guides, reflection papers are unit-long assignments
that will go along with each unit we complete this semester. While the material we cover
in class is at times difficult and theoretical in nature, if you think hard enough you can
find a situation where you have come across the concept before. Making these
connections and seeing the relevance between class topics and your life will deepen your
understanding of them.
The requirements for these assignments are listed below.
1. Select three concepts from the unit under study that you find relevant to your life.
The topics could be relevant to you in the past, present, or future. The easiest way
to find these is to look on your unit plan/study guide.
2. Write a paper ranging in length from one paragraph per concept to one page total
explaining how the concepts relate to your life.
3. A summary of the concepts from your notes, the textbook or other sources is not
acceptable: make it personal to you.
4. Due dates will be announced in class as the appropriate units are completed.
5. The papers will be graded on originality and insightfulness, not the quantity of
writing (although it must meet the requirements).
6. The assignments should be typed and double-spaced and you should save them as
a file in case we decide to upload them to a blog at some point.
Reflection papers will go in the project category of your grade. There will be five during
the semester, one per unit.