Cultures Syllabus

World Cultures
Señor Eaton
Room C208
After school hours Tuesday and Thursday
Check class wiki page for daily Cultures assignments:
Content and Objectives
This course will examine the Spanish-speaking cultures around the world from the
Caribbean Islands to Central America, South America, and Spain. Although you may familiarize
yourself with a few Spanish words and phrases from time to time, the class will not involve
Spanish grammar and speaking. Having lived in Latin America for over two years, I bring with
me personal experience and the desire to inspire you to travel one day after or even during
school. Many colleges and universities offer study-abroad programs to different countries all
over the world and having studied abroad in Vietnam, I can say that it is a once in a lifetime
learning experience that you will never forget.
General Preparation and Class Guidelines
By now, you should all have received adequate instruction on how to conduct yourselves
in a classroom setting. Just in case, here is a quick run through of some, but not all of my basic
class expectations. In short, if you can demonstrate a good in-class attitude towards your
teachers and your classmates and a strong work ethic on homework, quizzes, tests, projects,
participation, you will do fine in my class.
1. Arrive in a timely fashion, prepared and ready to learn. Three tardies is a write up.
1. Listen to the teacher and students; I will use "uno, dos, tres, silencio" to get your
2. Follow directions
3. Bring pens, three-ring binders with paper or notebooks to class every day, be organized
4. I strongly encourage you to ask questions, or request that something be repeated or
clarified if you don't understand
As stated in Hull's handbook, students with nine or more excused absences per semester
cannot receive credit for coursework. Success is showing up and trying hard.
Electronics usage
Technology is useful only when used prudently. Do not constantly use your phone in class as
it is disrespectful and will be taken.
1. I expect rules to be forgotten occasionally.
2. I will routinely remind you of these rules in a civil manner and have discussions with the
students who violate these basic codes of conduct that promote a safe and productive learning
atmosphere for all students.
3. Hopefully, such infractions can be corrected by student-teacher discussions and detentions
without the involvement of parents and the administration.
1. The day’s agenda and homework will be written on the back board
2. Late homework, assignments, or projects will be marked down a full letter grade.
You have seven days from the day you missed class to make up any missing
assignments. After this time period you can only get half credit.
3. One missed homework assignment per quarter will not be counted against you.
4. If you miss a class or cannot remember the homework please check Aspen. Check
Aspen regularly to monitor your grade and determine if you have any missing work.
Students with missing work are the ones who fail.
1. Tests or projects-100 points
2. Quizzes-50 points
3. In class work-30 points
4. Homework/participation-15 points
Each term grade counts for 45% of the semester grade
Final exams count for 10% of the semester grade
Students teetering on the verge between two grades may be bumped up and down
depending on other factors including work ethic, behavior, and class participation.
Leaving the Classroom
1. Use the bathroom before class or ask at an appropriate time
2. One student at a time may leave the room and must sign out
3. Discard trash, push in your chair, do not line up at the door to await the bell