May 29 Graduation
Be at school by 5:15 pm. When you arrive on campus, enter the
main building through the doors nearest the Guidance Office and go to
the Commons Area to be checked for appropriate attire. Remain there.
Make sure you are dressed according to the given regulations.
NOTE: the cap, gown and hood may NOT be altered in any way that conflicts with the uniform
appearance of the graduates. Do not wear necklaces outside of your gown. Honor graduates
may wear their cords and medallions issued by the school. Arrange your hair so that the cap can
be worn flat on you head.
Do NOT have gum.
Do NOT have cell phones.
Do NOT go to the gym- you should only be in the Commons Area.
Entrance requirements for Graduation:
One ticket per person- Students will receive 6 bleacher seat tickets and 2 floor seat tickets
No one under 6 years old may enter
No balloons, flowers, or other distracting items enter the gym
No food or drinks
Remove hats
No tripods - No video equipment
Doors close at 6:00 p.m. - No entrance or exit after the last marshal enters!
No one leaves until the seniors and marshals have exited the gym (the senior sponsors will leave
during the Benediction so that they can be in position to hand out diplomas as the seniors leave.)
If there is an emergency that requires someone to leave the gym, they will have to remain
outside – NO RE-ENTRY!
To participate in Commencement activities, Seniors:
Must attend practice and be on time!
Must have paid all fees for textbook damages, etc…, cleaned out their lockers and had their
homeroom teacher check it and check the lock. It is each senior’s responsibility to check with
his/her teachers and the office for any money that is owed.
Must have met all the academic and attendance requirements for participation.
Must dress according to the given specifications. (If you are not able to acquire the items
specified, notify one of the senior sponsors immediately!)
Important Dates
May 21 7:00 Gym
Awards Assembly. Seniors who are attending should be
dressed according to the instructions in the invitation sent to parents.
May 22 Class Day* The maroon graduation gown must be worn. Black shoes must be worn. Males
must wear black dress pants and black dress shoes, black socks. Females wearing black dress
pants may wear black sandals as long as the sandal has a strap across the back. All shoes must
be black and CANNOT be athletic shoes. Wearing a dress under the gown is not required.
Females can wear shorts and a t-shirt. Ladies, what you choose to wear under the gown, other
than black dress pants, must not show at the neck or below the hemline of the gown! We will
have faculty members at each event to check dress requirements. Please ask questions before
the day of the event if you are unsure about any requirements.
*Please tell your parents and guests that they should remain in their seats until the program
concludes when the Junior Class marches out of the gym.
NOTE: Seniors who are on the Hold List cannot participate in the Class Day program or the picnic.
May 24 Baccalaureate
Hopewell United Methodist Church
Be at the church by 3:15pm. Meet in Family Life Center behind the
sanctuary. Same dress as for Class Day, but you must also wear your
cap. Tassels hang on the left. Reception will be held in Family Life
Center after the service.
Be at the church by 2:30 for practice if singing, playing an instrument, or speaking during the service.
May 25 Senior Exams
Check with teachers about whether or not you need to take an exam.
All exams will be May 26th FIRST block.
May 28 Practice for Graduation
1:30 pm Gym
Be on time. Line up alphabetically. We will practice until… Do not plan
on leaving early. The graduation ceremony is a school-sponsored event.
We would be happy to have you as a part of this ceremony if you have
met the requirements. If you cannot arrange your schedule so that you
can attend practice and stay until it is completed, or you cannot comply
with the requirements, then you should contact Mr. Miller as to the
time you may pick up your diploma.

Senior General Information