Senior Dress Guidelines

Cap and Gown Pictures (April 21), Class Day (May 22), Baccalaureate (May 24), and Graduation
(May 29) are quickly approaching and many of you are asking about the clothing requirements.
The following guidelines MUST be followed:
The maroon graduation gown must be worn.
DO NOT wear the graduation cap for Class Day!
Black shoes must be worn.
If wearing black pants and black lace-up dress shoes, black socks MUST be worn.
Females wearing black pants may wear black sandals as long as the sandal has a strap
across the back.
ALL shoes must be black and CANNOT be athletic shoes.
Females wearing a dress must make sure the dress does not show from underneath the
hem of the gown. (The dress IS NOT required to be white. Any color or pattern is
These will be taken in the gym. Most of you will not have to worry about shoes or black pants.
We ask that the class officers and top 3 of the class make sure to bring black shoes and black
pants and/or for girls nothing should show below the hem of the gown. If you are a shorter
member of the class of 2015 it would be best if you came prepared for the possibility that you
will be on the front therefore you will need appropriate attire. The other members of the class
of 2015 will simply need to make sure they bring the cap, tassel, and gown to school on April
If you have ANY questions regarding your attire, please ask one of the senior sponsors.
Senior Sponsors:
Wendy Sullivan, Margaret Page, Cindy Outen, Pam Langley, Julie Thompson