The Old Kingdom

The Old Kingdom
A. Directions: Write the correct word from the Word Bank to complete each sentence.
Lower Egypt Memphis
civil war
double crown
Old Kingdom
Upper Egypt
1) I am where the people of the north lived. _______________
2) People like me ruled Egypt. _______________
3) Builders did not have tools for cutting stone when they built me._______________
4) I am a place where Egyptians buried their dead rulers. _______________
5) Egyptians wanted their rulers to be comfortable in me, so they buried treasures along with the bodies. _______________
6) I am a word that means to bring together as one. _______________
7) I am a group of traders traveling together through a desert. _______________
8) Rulers of Egypt wore me to show that Egypt was united. _______________
9) I am where the people of the south lived. _______________
10) I am the capital built where Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt meet._______________
11) I am another name for a series of jobs. _______________
12) I am what historians call the time from 3100 B.C. to 2186 B.C. _______________
13) I am a god-king who built my capital near Egypt’s present capital._______________
14) When people begin fighting within their own country, I am the result._______________
15) I am the system of making and trading things. _______________
B Directions: Read each sentence. Write T if the statement is true or F if it is false.
______ 1) During the Old Kingdom, Egyptian cities became centers of business.
______ 2) Historians do not know if Menes was a real person.
______ 3) Egyptian pharaohs were kings, but not priests.
______ 4) The ancient Egyptians believed that life after death was very different from life on Earth.
______ 5) Building pyramids did not take very long and was easy work.
______ 6) When the Old Kingdom fell, Egypt’s economy collapsed.
______ 7) Because robbers sometimes broke into tombs and stole the treasure buried there, archaeologists
cannot learn from a pyramid.
______ 8) Around 2100 B.C., government officials had lost power and the pharaohs had become more
______ 9) Some historians believe that Egypt’s troubles were caused by natural disasters.
______10) The Egyptians built pyramids for shelter.
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