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Chapter 4
Key Terms & Ideas
Middle Kingdom
New Kingdom
trade routes
Queen Hatshepsut
Ramses the Great
The Middle Kingdom
The New Kingdom
Work and Daily Life
Section 3: The Middle and New Kingdoms
A period of order and stability which lasted to about 1750 BC
The period during which Egypt reached the height of its power
and glory
Paths followed by traders
Had many temples and monuments built during her reign, an
Egyptian ruler
Egyptian pharaoh, late 1300’s, trained as a ruler and a fighter,
greatly increased the size of his kingdom during his reign
A powerful ruler once again united Egypt and the Middle Kingdom
Then the kingdom fell into disorder again when the Hyksos
invaded and took over for 200 years
Finally Ahmose of Thebes declared himself king and drove out
the Hyksos
Ahmose ruled all of Egypt
Building an Empire
o To avoid invasions Egyptians took over all possible
invasion routes
o They built a stronger empire and extended its empire
o Other kingdoms sent Egypt riches to keep them from
invading them
Growth and Effects of Trade
o Growth of the empire helped the Egyptians have more
riches, like copper
o Trade was along the Nile and to many distant lands
Invasions of Egypt
o The Sea People and the Hitties slowly broke down the
Egyptian empire
o Egypt never regained its power
o Middle class, kept records and accounts for the state
Artisans, Artists, and Architects
o Scultptors, builders, carpenters, jewelers
Merchants and Traders
Farmers and other Peasants
o Grew crops and paid taxes in crops
Family Life in Egypt
o Men married young to start a family
o Women had rights, own land and have jobs
o Kids played and went to school, at 14 the boys followed in
their fathers foot steps