My Holiday to Ancient Egypt

My Holiday to Ancient
On my holiday I time travelled back to Ancient Egypt…
REMEMBER! Write in full sentences and use the information that you have read
about Ancient Egypt. Once you have finished and edited your answers save it in
your own student folder.
When you first arrived in Ancient Egypt what did you see?
What landmarks could you see?
Describe the landmarks you could see.
What did the people look like? What were they wearing?
Describe what the people looked like, their jewelry and clothes.
What could you hear?
What were the Egyptians doing?
Describe the activities or jobs the people were doing.
What were the people talking about?
What sort of topics would the Egyptians talk about?
What could you smell and taste?
What types of food did you eat?
Describe the smell and taste of the different types of food you ate.
What could you feel?
What did the pyramids feel like?
Describe what you think the pyramids would feel like, what were they made out of?
What was the weather like?
Describe how it felt, was it hot and sunny or cold and rainy?