Year 4 Topic: Ancient Egypt Spring Term Year 2004/5

Topic: The Ancient Egyptians
Autumn term: 1st half 2015
Class Teachers: Mrs Ferguson & Mrs Le
Below is a summary of what your child will be covering in each subject this Autumn Term (1st half).
English: We will be exploring:
Maths: We will investigate various math
Science: We will be researching and
Computing: Text & Graphics – Exchanging
Word Reading
topics through problem solving and word
and sharing information. Children will:
 Root words – prefixes and suffixes.
Living Things & Life Process
 Use the spell check;
 Spelling patterns to read unknown words.
Number and Place Value
 Life processes.
 Use thesaurus & grammar functions when
Reading comprehension
 Numbers up to 1000.
 Growth of animals & vegetation.
editing & modifying work;
 The difference between fiction and non Approximation.
 Life cycle of animals and human beings.
 Create a simple webpage with some text
fiction; along with the features.
 Negative numbers.
 Major organs of the human body.
& images, using web design software.
 Complex sentences in reading and writing
 Roman numerals.
 Keeping healthy.
Children will create a non-fiction book on
(including sentence level).
 Rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100
 Food chains of animals.
The Ancient Egyptians.
 Style and vocabulary of a text.
& 1000.
Word Problems
Parents will you please: Encourage your child Multimedia
 Word classes – nouns, pronouns, verbs,
 Discuss mathematical problems.
to look around the environment and discuss
 Explore the features of powerpoint
adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and
 Apply different approaches and find
the things that are alive and are not alive.
 Create a powerpoint presentation slide
ways of solving problems.
 Add images and sounds to slides.
 Connective words.
Addition & Subtraction
Children will create powerpoint presentation
 Punctuation marks.
 Addition to 1000 using various methods.
of Class Assembly.
Writing comprehension
 Subtraction from 1000 using different
Parents will you please: Using the websites
 Sentence structure to clarify meaning.
listed below, discuss the use of text and
 Text-form and how it is used to engage
 Applying inverse method to check
graphics for the audience.
Parents will you please: work on place values
Use Jarman to practise handwriting.
and keep practising the timetables.
Parents will you please: Read and discuss the
contents of the book with your child.
R.E: Beginning with God
Personal, Social, Citizenship, Health
We will research and gather information on:
We will explore:
Children will:
 Locating Egypt using globe and maps.
 Who are the Egyptians?
Prepare to hear the Word –Retell the story
P4C: - Through various stories children will
 The seasons of Egypt.
 Who were the Pharaohs?
of Moses and the Burning Bush.
build an enquiry environment within the
 How the pyramids were built.
 What is mummification?
Hear and Encounter the Word – Explore
classroom. Children will create and enquire
 What was family life like?
scripture and the nature of God expressed in
into their own questions critically, caringly,
 How were the children educated?
some Biblical metaphors.
creatively and collaboratively.
Respond to the Word - Show how belief in
God as Trinity developed.
Art /Design Technology:
Useful websites:
Children will be having:
Children will explore various songs through
Children will explore the works of Jean-Leon
 PE lessons on Monday afternoon,
singing lessons. (Wednesday)
Gerome. Evaluate his use of shapes, colours,
 Swimming Lessons on Tuesday am.
Ukulele lessons on Thursday am
tones and shades.
Please ensure your child has their PE kits in
 http://resources.woodlandsschool until half term.
Year 4
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