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Monthly Statistical Report
Month Covered:
Prepared By:
April, 2014
Chief of Police Michael J. Grant, SSPD
Monthly Statistics:
Citations Issued: 13
Reports: 88
Calls for Service: 143
On Call, Call Outs: 13
Want & Warrant Checks: 48
Officer Initiated Investigations: 97
Field Interviews: 38
Impounds: 8
Medical Assist: 4
The SSPD and the Stallion Springs Police Activities League held the 2014 Easter Egg Hunt at
Man O’ War Park. It was a great turn-out, with lots of treats for the kids (and some adults),
and many fun prizes were handed out during the raffle! We thank everybody that
volunteered their time and all who attended!
Sergeant Gary Crowell and Police Officer Craig Rinehart were awarded an SSPD Class D
commendation for their arrest of a subject in Stallion Springs who committed a domestic
battery. The officers were commended for their sensitivity, empathy, tactics, and their
commitment to upholding the values and mission of this department, particularly SSPD
mission statement section three, “to provide the highest levels of professional service”.
An SSPD officer responded to a call of a possible burglary just occurred in Stallion Springs.
The investigation revealed that a possibly known suspect to the SSPD, forced open the rear
sliding glass door of the residence, entered a rear bedroom, but was then scared off by the
homeowner. The investigation is ongoing.
During a domestic violence radio call in Stallion Springs, SSPD officers arrested adult male
Gabriel Chacon for suspicion of criminal threats, domestic battery, child endangerment,
battery, and violation of a protective order.
An SSPD officer initiated an investigation into the possible crime of child annoying to
protect a juvenile female from an adult male. The investigation is ongoing.
SSPD officers arrested an adult male subject for an outstanding arrest warrant for driving
under the influence.
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A residential burglary occurred in Stallion Springs. Property taken was a metal, pipe, 28" to
49" adjustable jack stand, black in color with yellow carrying handle, a portable wire feeder
suitcase, black in color case measuring H: 12-3/4 in W: 7-1/4 in D: 18 in., wire feeder spool,
and a portable wire feeder gun. 10 feet in length, black in color. These items were stolen
from an unlocked, unsecured shed on the victim’s property. The SSPD reminds everybody to
lock and secure your property including your vehicles to deny thieves easy opportunities.
An SSPD officer arrested adult female Karen Richardson for creating a public nuisance for
her numerous dogs running at large, barking at all hours, and for the trash that she has
accumulated on her property.
The SSPD is assisting the IRS on a tax fraud investigation which includes many victims
residing in Stallion Springs.
The SSPD is assisting a Stallion Springs resident who is the victim of financial fraud possibly
through identity theft.
SSPD officers performed a search warrant and arrested the main subject believed to have
engaged in the multiple vehicle thefts in Stallion Springs during October, 2013. She was in
possession of stolen property taken from one of the victim’s vehicles.
SSPD officers and Kern County Animal Control officers served a search warrant at 17660
Arlington Place in Stallion Springs. Officers rescued numerous dogs from the home that had
not been fed or provided water for an extended period of time.
An SSPD officer responded to a call of a domestic disturbance in Stallion Springs. The officer
contacted intoxicated adult subjects and kept the peace by separating the parties involved.
They were warned regarding possible arrests if the disturbances should continue.
An SSPD officer responded to a call of unknown trouble in Stallion Springs. The officer
contacted an intoxicated family involved in a heated verbal dispute. The officer kept the
peace by separating the parties involved and warned them regarding possible arrests.
SSPD officers received multiple return calls at a Stallion Springs residence regarding a
dispute over property. Officers advised both subjects that they should seek civil remedies
through the civil court system. Officer kept the peace and separated both parties.
SSPD officers responded to a medical aid call in Stallion Springs and discovered an adult
male subject unconscious and having trouble breathing. Officers assisted medical aid at the
residence and then secured a landing zone for the medical aid helicopter to land.
SSPD received calls regarding possible mountain lion sightings in and around Stallion
Springs. SSPD contacted California Fish and Wildlife Department and requested that they
contact the concerned citizens involved.

POLICE REPORT Monthly Statistical Report