Using the 2001 Facilities Master Plan as a guide, the college

Using the 2001 Facilities Master Plan as a guide, the college requested and received state funding for
the construction of two new buildings and the design of a third building during the 2003-05 biennium.
The college received $26,096,900 for these and other capital improvements during this period of time.
These projects included:
The design and construction of a 16,500 square foot classroom and administration building
which replaced several existing portable buildings. Construction on this building began in
August, 2003 and cost $3,457,000. The building has five classrooms designed to accommodate
30 students each; a sixth classroom to accommodate 48 students; two seminar rooms to
accommodate 12 and 24 students, respectively; a conference room to accommodate 16; nine
administrative offices, and a large meeting room to seat 53 people also used as a trustee board
meeting space and for other college governance meetings.
The design and construction of a 54,000 square foot information technology building.
Construction on this building began in December, 2003 and cost $14,489,900. The building
provides 10 classrooms, eight labs for computer instruction, a lecture hall accommodating 100
students, four small break out rooms, and 17 faculty and staff offices.
$2,379,000 was provided for the design of a 79,000 square foot science instruction building.
This building was intended to replace an existing science building complex that had reached the
end of its design life and did not support modern teaching methods or technology. The funding
included design for a city required emergency vehicle and fire truck access lane for the entire
Also in the 2003-05 biennium the college received capital funding to improve existing facilities in the
following areas:
$150,600 for Roof repairs.
$106,000 for mechanical equipment replacements.
$591,000 for repair to existing campus sewer, heating, and cooling loops.
$433,980 for minor repairs and improvements campus wide.
$616,300 for the construction of a previous paver parking lot to increase parking by 248 stalls.
$250,000 to make repairs to several parking lots along Mildred street.
$ 26,000 to install 4 smoking shelters on campus.
$ 392,600 to renovate Building 6 for Continuing Education, College Advancement, and
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