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Title of Position Requested:
Media Technician__________________________________________
Media Services________________________________________________
Number of Hours per Week:
Number of Months per Year:
Brief Abstract: (How does position impact present area status, affect workload reduction, impact students or
provide support/services?)
Technology Support Services has one Media Specialist to assist with technical operation, distribution and media
production. We are in need of an entry level support staff person to assist with day-to-day technical assistance,
distribution and routine maintenance of equipment deployed on campus. In addition, we need assistance with the
production of materials and streaming. As the constant demand for new technology continues, Technology Support
Services struggles to keep up with the support of all the technology. This request is for one Media Technician position.
This position would accommodate the immediate need for assistance on our campus due to the increase in the number
of large events, conferences, and streaming/video production opportunities. In addition, the position would allow us
greater flexibility to provide support and assist with creative projects. The addition of this position will also provide a
layer of redundancy to our campus technical support. We had this position at one time but when the employee in this
position resigned to take another position outside of the district, the position was not re-filled. The addition of this
position would also poise the technology department to better support the influx of new technologies coming as part of
the Student Success mandates and the Equity technology needs.
Rationale and Applicability to College Strategic Goals: (Substantiate recommendations with data and the
guidelines listed in the Budget Decision Criteria document and College Strategic Goals. Does this need fulfill a
compliance/mandated position, i.e. State, Federal, regulatory boards, contracts? Does this need address grant
partnership commitments and/or critical community needs?)
This position directly supports employees and students in a technology support role. The position is not a mandated position but
rather helps us to support and address mandates, compliance issues and other campus technology challenges. This additional
position helps us to fulfil the college goals of Student Success, Communication, Facilities/Infrastructure, Oversight and Accountability
and Integration.
Impact on College/District if position is not filled: (Include how having the position or not having the position impacts
FTES, services to students.)
If the position is not filled, the Technology Support Services will continue to function but with a slow degradation of support services
as new technologies are added. Also, because Technology Support Services provides support to 3 sites (Main campus, Delano and
District Office) this will make the work of the one Systems Support Specialist II that much more challenging. The person in the
current role is in a very reactive mode and is showing signs of burn-out due to the volume of work and responsibilities. The burden
will only increase as new technologies and staff are added. Already we’ve added significant wireless infrastructure, virtualization
software and hardware and a new telephone system that is dependent on our campus network.
Total Cost:
Computer/office space etc.
Total Amount:
$ _65,065.62_
Revised by: Program Review Committee (June2, 2013)
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