Managing Testing Across Multiple Campuses, Miami Dade

Managing Testing Across Multiple Campuses, Miami Dade College
Marisel Madrigal Gaymer, Testing Director, North Campus, Regina Johnson, Testing Director, Medical
Campus, Juan Carlos Meza, Testing Director, Kendall Campus, Dora Mejia-Montoya, Testing Director,
Hialeigh Campus Mayte Castro Pino, Testing Director, West, Ivo Rokovich, Testing Director, Homestead
Campus, Silvio Rodriguez, Director of Test Administration and Program Evaluation, Marc Webb, Testing
Director, Wolfson Campus
At Miami Dade College (MDC), a well-established and vetted process is in place to guide the consistency
of testing services, policies, and procedures College-wide across seven campuses and two centers. The
College’s ultimate goal is to serve students and the community in a consistent and professional manner
while maintaining a high level of customer service standards for both internal and external customers.
This session will focus on how this is accomplished at MDC with the goal of sharing time tested
strategies, processes, and best practices.
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