Winter Holidays Around the World

Winter Holidays Around the World
During December, we will be studying many winter holidays and traditions
from around the world. Some countries we will focus on are Italy, England,
Holland, Germany, Israel, Mexico, and Sweden. To deepen students’
understanding of other cultures, they will be completing an independent
research project. Not only will this give them more information on the
holiday/country they select, but it will also help them learn to prepare a
research report and complete an oral presentation.
1. Pick a culture/country/religion that has a special winter tradition or
holiday. Students may use the one of the ones listed above (however, I
encourage them to seek out different countries if information is available).
Please do not select the U.S.A.
2. Check out a book or books on the holiday from our school library or a public
library (Basha High has a public library). Internet resources may also be used
(try typing in the country/holiday name as a search for a starting point).
Students need to read, think about, and discuss how it compares to the
holiday(s) your family celebrates.
3. Students need to take simple notes on a note card outlining the basic idea(s)
behind the holiday, and how it is celebrated. Parents…please help your child
practice a short oral presentation to share what they learned with the class.
They need to share at least 3 facts.
4. Students need to create a visual aid to help support their presentation. It can
be as simple as a picture, a poster, book(s) with illustrations, or an object that
is related to the holiday being presented.
5. During the week of December 7th – December 11th, the students will take
turns presenting their information and showing their visual aid. Presentations
are due Friday, December 4th. Please be prepared!
6. The students will be given a grade for their presentation. The grade will
be based on a rubric (attached to this paper). It should be a short, simple
presentation, and students may use their note card to help them if they choose.
We want to make the presentations a positive learning experience in
preparation for later research and report writing assignments.
7. Please fill out the attached form to let me know what winter tradition
or holiday your child has chosen by Tuesday, November 10th.
8. Relax, and be proud of your hard work! Happy Holidays and Happy Winter!!
Holidays Around the World
Research & Presentation Rubric
***Each category is worth 4 points for a total of 20 points
Identified topic: ______________
Eye Contact: ________________
3 Facts: _____________________
Visual Aid: __________________
(late project= -_____ points)
Total Points:_________________
***Research and Presentation due Friday, December 12th
***Everyday that the project is late 1 point will be deducted from the total
Winter Holidays Around the World
Please turn this paper in by Tues. Nov. 10th
My child ________________________ has chosen to do their winter
holiday/tradition presentation on ________________________.
My child and I have read through the expectations and understand
that if their presentation is not turned in on Friday, December 4th
that 1 point will be deducted for each day that it is late.
Student Signature_____________________________________________________
Parent Signature__________________________________________