New Rope Game Cards

Rope Game Cards
Place the cards , relating how you
feel about them…from very happy
to not very happy
1. You arrive at school to find out it
is closed.
2. You get a score of 91% on a
school quiz.
3. You are invited to a classmate’s
birthday party. You don’t know them
very well, but you are friendly with
4. You find a gold coin on the
5. Your father says he loves you in
front of two of your friends.
6. You get a phone call. The person
says they need to speak to your
parent urgently.
7. You are at your aunt’s house
for a special holiday dinner, but
you realise she is cooking
something you don’t like.
8. You hear your name on the
radio…the DJ says you have won a
new video game console.
9. Your best friend brings a DVD to
watch at your house, but you notice
it is a certificate 18.
10. You go to lesson. The teacher
is cross with many of the students
for not completing their homework,
but you have done yours.
11.You buy something at the shop
and the cashier gives you back the
incorrect amount of change. You
got given £5 too much.
12. Your favourite singer is on the
news. They’ve been arrested for
drinking and driving.
13. You have no homework.
14. You forgot to watch the last
episode of your favourite television
15. Your cousin returns a book they
borrowed from you. You notice
there is a small, slight ink smudge
on the last page that wasn’t there
16. A supply teacher that you don’t
really know asks you what time the
next lesson starts.
17.Your mum announces that the
family are going on a camping
holiday in Wales this summer.
18. You can’t seem to find your
school tie. You need to leave for
school in 5 minutes.
19. The most popular student in
school gives you a big hug in front
of everyone in the lunchroom.
20. You’ve hurt your leg in PE. The
teacher says you may need to go
to the hospital to get it checked out.
Very Happy (Ten out of ten)
Worried or Very Upset (1 out of 10)