Program Director

Program Director
Master’s Degree in Social Work, Education, or Related Field
Two years experience in administration
The Program Director is responsible for the management and supervision of the Extended
Day Program, Summer Camp, Holiday Program and other special programs.
 Design and implement programming that meets the educational and social needs
of children in the school.
 Design and implement all mass and holiday programming
 Supervise the day to day functions of the programming
 Maintain collaborative relationships with the school administration, NYC
Department of Health, Office of Food and Nutrition Services and other agencies
as appropriate.
 Develop relationships with parents through parent involvement strategies and
regular communication.
 Participate in hiring educational, support and program staff with the Community
School Director.
 Assure the quality of the programming through regular staff supervision, program
evaluation, staff training, program development, etc.
 Maintain and ensure that all administrative details of the program are
implemented: updating day care and summer camp certificates, program
registration, student enrollment forms, fee collections, employee documentation,
attendance, supply ordering, etc.
 Participate in Technical Assistance activities.
 In the absence of the Community School Director, oversee the management of all
programs and activities in the Community School.
 Any other duties deemed necessary by the Community School Director
 Serve as the on site coordinator and liaison to internal and external partners.
 This position is directly supervised by the Community School Director.
The setting of the Community School brings together many programs, professions,
paraprofessionals, community groups, and families in an effort to integrate services.
This creates a highly interactive setting where staff members need to look beyond the
scope of their individual programs and recognize their membership in the larger
community. All staff must be ready to work collaboratively in partnership with
others in the Community School.