Father`s Day - Pete`s Power Point Station

Written by Lin Donn
Illustrated by Phillip Martin
Since 1910, there have been several attempts to establish
Father's Day as a national holiday.
Finally, in 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed
Father's Day as a holiday. That made it official.
In 1972, Father’s Day was positioned as the 3rd Sunday in
June. That created a permanent home on the calendar.
Father's Day is not just a day to honor your father. It's a
day to thank any male caregiver in your life. It's a chance
for you to say thank you to your stepfather, your uncle,
your grandfather, and your dad for all they do for you.
Here are some sites about Father’s Day:
A Father’s Day Infographic
Tie Memory Match Game
I Love My Dad coloring page by Jan Brett
Father’s Day Craft Ideas
Father’s Day Powerpoints
Father’s Day Clipart
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