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Pre-Course Questionnaire
Please complete this form so that we can assess your training needs. Please note that the answers you give to
this pre-course questionnaire will be held in complete confidence. It is important that you answer the questions
as accurately as you can, to help us to select the course that would be most beneficial to you.
Type your name, then use the Tab key to move sequentially through the first page and then on to the second. If
you can confidently do the following or answer yes to a statement, press the space bar to check the box, if you
check a box by mistake you can press the space bar again to uncheck it.
Please email the completed questionnaire to as soon as you can after receiving it.
Full name:
Email address:
Your Outlook
Have never used it
Have you attended any of these Outlook
training courses with us or another company?
Average +
or Level 1
or Level 2
Understand and know how to change the Quick
Access Toolbar (QAT)
Send and receive basic emails
Mark messages as important
Set options for messages, eg request delivery or
read receipts
Create an automatic email signature
Understand Conversation view
Reply to emails
Get replies sent to a different address
Forward emails
Find related messages
Mark messages as unread
Send messages with attachments
Save attachments in received messages
Open attachments in received messages
Set message flags when sending an email, eg for
follow up by a certain date
Set follow up flags on items in your inbox and
sent items
Manage junk messages
Navigate within a calendar
Create a new Contact in the Contacts folder
Insert a contact picture
Add Contact for an existing company
Delete a Contact from the Contacts folder
Create, sort and complete tasks
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MS Outlook Questionnaire
Tel: 01483 810500
Copy text within and between messages
Create mail folders
Move and copy messages to different folders
Delete emails
Restore deleted emails
Empty Deleted Items
Use Quick Steps, eg forward the message to
your manager, etc
Create and modify a Quick Step
Use Instant Search to find messages, eg from
specific person, unread messages
Using Search Folders, eg to view unread mail,
large messages, etc
Use Instant Search to search in other Outlook
folders, eg Calendar, Contact, etc
Create custom Search Folder, eg to view
messages from a specific person
Arrange messages within a View
Assigning Colour Categories to appointments,
tasks and messages
Finding messages with Categories
Create a Rule from a template, eg to move mail
from a particular sender to a specific folder
Recall a sent message
Print a message
Apply a Theme or Stationery to a message
Save a draft message
Send and track a voting message
Use Automatic Responses to send replies to
messages received in your absence
Create an appointment in Outlook Calendar
Create and Delete recurring appointments in
Outlook Calendar
Create an all-day event in Outlook Calendar
Delete appointments and events from Calendar
Schedule a meeting and track the responses
Add or remove attendees from a meeting
Schedule a meeting using Scheduling Assistant
and Calendar Groups
Add Contacts from received emails
Create and manage a contact group
Record contact activity using journals
Create an assigned task, eg a task that someone
else is responsible for completing
Responding to and completing an assigned task
Are there any specific aims you would like to achieve on the course, or problems that you are currently having?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.
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MS Outlook Questionnaire
Tel: 01483 810500
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