Microsoft Outlook 2011

Microsoft Outlook 2011
Ribbon Features
Tabs shown change depending on the View you are in
 Home Tab – tools for replying, forwarding and applying rules, flags
and categories.
 Object-specific ribbon tabs display when certain objects are selected
(for instance, when an image is selected the Format Picture tab
displays on the Ribbon).
 Customize the Ribbon with the tools you need.
Color coded categories can be assigned to messages, contacts
and other items.
 Tell at a glance what needs your attention first.
 Messages will be color coded on arrival once their senders are
added to a category.
 Filtering by category lets you sort items in Outlook for easier
Mac integration
Quick Look is now used by
attachments in Outlook for easier
 Previews of MS Office
documents, photos and PDF
 Works either from an open
message or a message in the
reading pane.
Time Machine is the Mac OS X
tool that backs up your computer.
 Outlook for Mac stores each file
separately so that Time Machine
can back up all of your Outlook
Organization tools
Multiple e-mail accounts can now be housed in a single Inbox.
 Or kept separate if that is your preference.
Conversation tool adds all e-mails with the same subject line
into a conversation.
 Reduces the clutter in your inbox by only showing the newest
and unread messages in a conversation.
Calendar Features
 Outlook for Mac now displays your calendar alongside the body of a
message that includes an invitation to a meeting.
 No more switching back and forth between an e-mail message and your
calendar to find out if you can attend a meeting.
Calendar Features Continued
 My Day section displays your day’s
meetings and tasks.
 Can stay open even when Outlook is closed
so that your calendar, tasks and contacts are
always readily available on your desktop.
 Other Calendar Features
 Compare coworker’s calendars, or team
calendars with your own Outlook calendar.
 Separate your work calendar and personal
calendar and view them on top of each
Make your messages stand out
Rich-text formatting is now possible with Outlook 2011 for
 Hyperlinks, strikethroughs, highlighting and e-mail signtures.
 Easily include charts and tables from Word and Excel.
 Use the Office Photo Browser to add your iPhoto/Photo Booth
images to your e-mail messages.
Training Resources
 Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac website -
 SHSU’s Newton Gresham Library’s Safari Techbooks Online
 [email protected] Service Desk – [email protected][email protected] Instructor led Training (available throughout the fall
2011 semester) – [email protected]