Heath Park is excited to launch…
So what is it?
Show My Homework (SMHW) is a simple, online
homework calendar that allows teachers to set
homework in advance.
How does it work?
Teachers post homework to the school calendar,
and to the student’s calendar.
This homework appears on the student’s to do list.
Once completed, the student can remove it.
• Announcements can be posted to the whole school,
year, or class.
• These can act as reminders about school trips, nonuniform days, or not forgetting to bring something in.
… and parents are notified too!
Give the power back to parents
 See the quantity and quality of work set
 Track your child’s progression
 Monitor from a distance
For the students
We hope that this will help students to keep on
top of their work load and stay organised, in a
completely transparent way.
On the move
 Mobile – friendly
 iOS & Android
 24/7 access to homework
Any questions?
Just get in touch with Mr Shields (,
or email
Never be left in the dark again.
Thank you for your support,