English 7

7th Grade English Outline
Mrs. Lebal
Students in 7th grade will be working out of the textbook Grammar and Writing 7, by
Christie Curtis and Mary Hake. This book will guide instruction for the proper use of grammar
and expanding writing skills. In addition, students will use Vocabulary for Achievement by Great
Source. This book will be used to expand their vocabulary and improve their spelling skills.
Students will be allowed two days for each day absent to complete missed work. Ten
percent will be taken off per day on late assignments. Also due to the complexity of
assignments and assessments, some grades may take up to three weeks from the due date to
be posted.
The following is an outline for their grades:
Homework - 20%
Classwork - 20%
Quizzes - 20%
Tests/Papers - 40%
Class expectations are:
Be prepared to learn and to allow others to learn.
Respect yourself and others in your words and actions.
Take responsibility for your actions.
Class time is for that class and its activities.
Please feel free to contact me at school with any questions or concerns:
Mrs. Lebal: [email protected] (715-595-4241 ext. 248)
I look forward to an exciting and successful school year!