Math Analysis outline 2015

Math Analysis
Mr. Dekofsky
Course Description
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Welcome to Mr. Dekofsky’s Math Analysis course. This is a typical course in Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry and will require students to use higher
order thinking skills to solve problems. There is one purpose for this course … to prepare students to move on to either Calculus or Math SL next year.
Throughout this course we will cover many topics including:
Conic sections
The solving of equations using the quadratic formula and various forms of factoring including synthetic division, etc.
Polynomial equations and factoring
Complex numbers
Trigonometric, inverse, composite and other functions
Sequences and series
Exponents and logarithms
Properties of numbers, etc.
Materials needed: Textbook, notebook (with paper) and pencil should be brought to class everyday. No exceptions. Exams and assignments done in pen WILL
NOT BE GRADED. It may be helpful for your child to have some colored pencils or pens for diagramming purposes, but this is not mandatory. Each student
will need to obtain a scientific calculator (one with buttons labeled sin, cos and tan) for use on assignments, quizzes and tests. When we get to
Trigonometry, there will be problems that cannot be done without one. They can be purchased at Staples, etc. for about $10.
Homework policy: Homework will be assigned almost every day and over weekends. Homework is graded for effort, not correctness. Students are
responsible for checking their answers in the back of the book or in my edition in class and for asking about homework questions in class when we go over the
homework, so I only check to see if they honestly try all of the problems assigned and show all work. If so, then they receive credit. Thus there is no excuse for
not doing homework. This is designed to encourage students to try every problem without fear of having answers marked incorrect. Late, incomplete or missing
homework will be considered missing and will receive NO CREDIT. These must be made up to avoid getting a “U” in Work Habits and may be turned in
Grading policy: This class is graded based on homework, projects, writing prompts, quizzes, tests and a final exam. Homework assignments are worth 3 points
each, chapter quizzes are generally 20-40 points while exams are typically worth 90-100 points each. There will also be a variety of projects and writing prompts
throughout the year. The point value of these will vary depending on length and complexity but will generally be worth 10-30 points. The Final Exam is generally
150-200 points. I use a point system as follows:
A = 90-100% of total points possible
B = 80-89%
C = 70-79%
D = 60-69%
F = below 60%
Extra Credit may possibly be offered late in the semester but will not be added into grades until the final report card of each semester. Students will only be
eligible for extra credit points if they have earned a grade of 80% or more in the assignment category. There are no exceptions to this policy and it is not open for
To move on to AP Calculus next year, all students must receive a grade of B+ or better for EACH SEMESTER with outstanding work habits.
Grade Access: Grade updates are regularly (every week or two) updated online. You will just need to log into our new Aeries student information system to
access them. You can do so by logging in to the Family Portal from the SVUSD web site at . All grades are viewable as I enter them into
the system. All assignment details may be viewed here as well (pages, problems, etc.).
If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at any time. I do not regularly check voicemail, but I do check e-mail throughout
the course of the day.
I record and post all of my lectures online in video format. They can be accessed at . Just click on the appropriate
class and then go to the desired chapter and section. This way, absent students can always watch any lesson that they missed or need a refresher on. This also
allows them to re-watch and/or pause portions of the lecture to aid in their understanding of the concepts being covered.
I will have tutorial sessions at lunch for extra help. I will post a sign in my window every Monday that indicates which day the tutorial will be for that week. If
your student needs help, please have them check that window Monday before lunch regularly so they may get the help they need to be successful. I am also
available every day at snack for help as well.
Please keep this page somewhere handy in case you have need of these resources. Email me if you have any questions at all and I will provide whatever
information that I can.
Supply Wish List
Due to budget cuts, our supply budget has been heavily reduced. If you would like to make donations of supplies to insure
that I am able to continue to provide all necessary supplies for your student, your support will be most appreciated.
At this time, the two major needs in my classroom are hand sanitizer and Kleenex. If every student could bring in one or
the other, we should have enough to get us through the year, especially cold season. This is completely optional and will
not affect class grades in any way. If you are financially unable to help in this manner, that is perfectly fine. If things
change for the better, these donations will be welcome at any time.
I am looking forward to a successful year.
Mr. Dekofsky
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