comments on LO

Assignment 3:
Name: Langauon, Michele Mabel Esquiros
School: Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) High School
Part 1: LO
Title of LO
Short description
Ion Charges
Ion charges are used to
write the correct
chemical formula of the
The applet is about the
purification of copper. It
is the electrolysis of
copper(II) sulphate
solution using copper
electrodes to purify
It’s about the formation
of diatomic molecules by
covalent bonding
showing how atoms are
shared in covalent
bonding to attain
It shows which of the
two gases, NH3 and HCl
diffuses faster relative to
their atomic mass. After
the two gases met, white
NH4Cl is formed.
It is an animation about
the properties of the 3
states of matter, solid,
liquid and gas on how
the molecules in each
state behave.
Different indicators
change its colour at
different pH of the
A glowing splint is placed
in a test tube to test for
the presence of oxygen
gas. The glowing splint
rekindles in the presence
of oxygen gas.
It describes and shows
Covalent Bonds
Rate of diffusion
States of Matter
Test for oxygen gas
Fuel Cell
Useful or
not useful
If useful, describe an activity
how you can use it
Writing chemical formula of
ionic compounds.
Electrolysis of solutions.
(Different solutions will be used)
How molecules are formed
It can be used in the discussion
of the diffusion of gases and
molecular mass of gases.
Comparison of the three states.
The properties of matter might
be presented in a table form to
compare the 3 states of matter.
Acid-Base Titration
It can be used to test for the gas
collected in the electrolysis of
water. (The activity is electrolysis
of water and after collecting the
gas, use the oxygen test for the
presence of oxygen gas)
Building a galvanic cell that acts
Dry ice
how a galvanic and fuel
cells work.
It is the sublimation of
dry ice, the phase
change from solid to gas
without passing the
liquid phase.
It is a method of
purification of mixture to
separate a volatile liquid
from a non volatile
solute. The solution is
boiled to vaporize the
volatile component and
the vapour is cooled by
cold water in the
condenser to condense it
back to a liquid
(distillate) which is
collected in the flask.
as a battery and produces
It can be used as example of the
phase changes in matter. The
activity is all about the phase
changes in matter.
Distillation of salt solution