Egypt Vocab 1 & 2

Cataracts - rapids along a river
Delta - area formed by soil deposits at the mouth of a river
Pharoah - name for a powerful ruler, god-like; used by rulers of Egypt
Dynasty - line of rulers from a single family that holds power for a long time
Menes - an Egyptian ruler who united Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt; considered by historians to be
Egypt’s first pharaoh
Queen Hatshepsut - an Egyptian queen who worked to increase Egyptian trade; known for the many
impressive monuments and temples built during her reign
Trade Network - system of people in different lands who swap goods back and forth
Ramses the Great - an Egyptian pharaoh who fought the Hittites in the 1200s BC, defended Egypt from
invaders, and strengthened Egypt’s western frontier
King Tutankhamen - an Egyptian pharaoh whose tomb filled with treasures was discovered by
archaeologists in 1922
Pyramid - a huge triangular tomb built by the Egyptians and other peoples
Afterlife - life after death
Mummies - specially treated bodies wrapped in cloth for preservation
Hieroglyphics - system of writing that uses small pictures to represent sounds or words
Papyrus - long-lasting, paper-like material made from papyrus reeds; used to write on.
Sphynx - figure of an imaginary creature with the head of a man and the body of a lion.
Ebony - hard durable black wood
Ivory - White material made from tusks of elephants
Rosetta Stone - a huge stone slab inscribed with hieroglyphics, Greek, and a later form of Egyptian that
allowed historians to understand Egyptian writing
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