Name ______________________________ Block _______ Date ________________ English 11

Name ______________________________
Block _______
Date ________________
English 11
Native American Literature
“The World on the Turtle’s Back” page 24
Cause & Effect
In a story, events often have a cause-and-effect relationship. When the
events have such a relationship, one event (the cause) directly brings about
the other (the effect). Use the chart below to record the features of the world
that are described in this Iroquois creation myth.
What Exists
the Earth
What Caused It to Be
It grew when a woman walked in a circle around
dirt brought up from the ocean floor and placed
on a turtle’s back.
Functions of Myths
Define Myth:________________________________________________________________
Define Creation Myth:_______________________________________________________
Directions: Read the four functions, or roles, of myths listed in the chart
below. Then write one or two examples from the selection that illustrate each
To instill awe
To explain world
To support customs
To guide people
Follow Up:
Review the examples listed on your chart. Which of the four functions of
myths do you think this Iroquois creation myth best serves? Why?