Grading Policy

Grading Policy
Algebra 1
Mrs. Lakatos
Binder Check – 5% - 1 per grading period
 You are required to keep an up-to-date 1½ to 2-inch binder, divided into labeled sections as follows (in this
order) : homework, warm-ups, notes, in-class problems, and quizzes/tests. This notebook will be checked one
time per grading period for organization, neatness, and completion. I will provide more specific details as a
notebook check approaches.
Accountability – 10% - daily
 The idea behind this part of your grade is to acknowledge those of you that work hard to be active learners.
On a daily basis, we will be recording how successful each of you is at following the classroom policies. If you
have difficulty following the classroom policies, accountability points will be deducted accordingly. This should
be an easy 10% of your grade in that the only way to lose points on this requirement is to not follow the
classroom policies.
Homework - 15% - checked daily, 2 pts. each assignment
 Homework will be assigned every day in order to allow regular practice time. No one can effectively learn
math during one class period, just like a person cannot watch a sport on T.V. and expect to be a competitive
 You will be required to have a spiral notebook in which to complete all of the book assignments. This notebook
should be kept in the “homework” section of your notebook along with any worksheets you complete for
o As you complete the homework assignments IN PENCIL, please include all of the following:
 Write the original problem, if it is numerical.
 Show your work neatly.
 Circle your final answer.
 It is understood that you may have some emergencies occur that will prevent homework from being completed
on time, and as a result, you will receive 3 “emergency coupons” every nine weeks that will allow you to turn in
a homework assignment up to 1 day/24 hours past the original due date. NO other late work will be accepted
for credit. In addition, any unused coupons will count for 1 percentage point towards your nine-weeks grade.
(For example, a 77% can turn into an 80% with three unused coupons, BUT in order for the percentage
points to count, a 100% must be earned on homework completion for the quarter with NO missing
assignments or zeros on hw.)
Classwork – 10%
 This section will include a variety of point opportunities, including random material checks [several times per
quarter, you will be asked to show that you have required material(s)], in-class assignments [assignments to be
completed in class, that may be checked just for completion but may also be graded for accuracy], and
checkpoints [basically a quiz covering just questions assigned from past in-class assignments, homeworks,
and/or assessments].
Assessments (Quizzes & Tests) - 60%
 One assessment will be given every Friday. Some will be small, 3-15 question quizzes with the questions
focusing on only week’s lessons (3-5 lessons) with a few possible review questions covering concepts from
previous weeks. Others will be considerably larger than quizzes, covering an entire unit, such as solving
equations. Ample review time will be provided in order to allow you to prepare sufficiently.
*Please note that almost every Friday, a quiz or test will take place. The purpose of this is to help you keep with the
pace of the class and to prevent you from falling behind in the event that you don’t understand a certain topic.
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