English II – Mr

English II – Mr. Memory
Course Overview
This course will focus on classical and contemporary world literature, and an emphasis will be
placed on a student’s ability to read, write, speak, and listen. Vocabulary, grammar, and language
usage will be studied. Mastery of these skills will assist the student when he/she takes the state
mandated 10th Grade End of Course Test that will measure a student’s proficiency on the
Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. Other areas of focus will include
creative writing, poetry, and study skills. A research project will be assigned, and it will provide
the students with a thorough introduction to the process of writing a research paper.
Here is a list of some of the works that will be covered in English II:
A Selection of World Myths and Folktales
Short Stories- “The Blue Bouquet,” “The Rat Trap,” “The Ring,” “The Laugher,” “Dead Men’s
Path,” and “How Much Land Does a Man Need?”
Novels- Things Fall Apart, All Quiet on the Western Front, Night, and Around the World in
Eighty Days
Drama- A Doll’s House
Film- Les Miserables
Grading policy:
Tests/Formal Papers/Projects- Ample notice of testing dates will be given. Formal written
assignments will count as major grades. A project will be assigned for each unit of study. These
tests, formal papers, and project grades are averaged, and the result is 40% of the student’s
quarter grade.
Quizzes- Weekly vocabulary quizzes will be given. Reading checks will be given to assess
comprehension of reading assignments. These quiz grades are averaged, and the result is 35% of
the student’s quarter grade.
Homework/Class work/Class Participation- Some of the homework/class work assignments
will be collected and graded, others will simply be checked for completion. Each student will be
given a “100” as his/her participation grade at the beginning of each grading period. In order to
maintain this grade, the student’s responsibility is to take an active part in the learning process.
Students are expected to listen, respond, and comment appropriately. These homework/class work
grades are averaged, and the result is 25% of the student’s quarter grade.
Final Grades are calculated using the following formula:
1st Nine Weeks 40%
2nd Nine Weeks 40%
and EOC 20%
Progress Reports:
With the availability of the Parent Assist Program, parents and students can view a student’s
grades on-line at any time. If you would like to receive a paper/emailed progress report, please
Supplies needed:
-three ring binder and loose-leaf notebook paper
-four or five notebook dividers with tabs
-#2 pencils, highlighter, and blue or black pens
I am excited about this school year and am looking forward to working with you to make it a pleasant
and successful one. Please feel free to contact me by phone at West Forsyth (712-4400) or by e-mail
(dmemory@wsfcs.k12.nc.us) if you have any questions or concerns.
Duncan Memory