Sports Psychology Syllabus and Classroom Rules

Sports Psychology Syllabus and Classroom Rules
Coach Essick
1) Students are to be in their seats when the tardy bell rings.
2) Students are to bring pencils, pens, paper, and books to every class
3) The following are not allowed in the classroom:
 Hats
 Cell phones
 I Pods and MP3 players
 Videogames or cards
 Combing hair
 Makeup and nail polish
 Food or drink
4) Students are expected to act in the appropriate manner for a classroom
setting at all times.
5) Students are to treat each other and the teacher with respect at all times.
6) Students are responsible for obtaining all work that is missed while
absent. The student has one week before the semester ends to make up
7) Grades will be figured based on the point students earn on quizzes, tests,
and special projects.
8) Absolutely, No Sleeping.
Class Format for Sports Psychology will vary. This course will use lecture,
cooperative learning, group discussions, individual assignments, and video
Grades will be determined by the total points earned by the student on tests,
assignments, classroom participation, and video activities. The total points
earned will be divided by the total points possible to establish the student’s
percentage. All grades are based on the following percentage.
A= 90%-100%
B= 80%-89%
C= 70%-79%
D= 60%-69%
F= 0%-59%
There is no extra credit!!