RNS-STUDYWARE NEET /JEE(mains &advanced)

NEET/JEE(Mains &Advanced)
Question paper generation within 5 clicks , with answer key and Hint +
 Auto setting/Manual settings of question paper
 Mathematical Equation are editable
 About 50K questions prepared by subject matter experts, with facility
to ADD & MODIFY /EDIT the question bank
 Questions are segregated as per ASKU
•Software is secured with Login name
(single/multiple) and Password.
•Academic Year selection from drop
Main Screen with various Menu Options:
Two menu options are :
Question Paper
 Generate
 Upload
 Re-print/Edit
Question gallery
Set Defaults
Generate - I
NEET question paper
JEE question paper
Generate - II
 User selects the pattern / class / type /
subject & then chapter(s) / sub sections
 Options for selecting level of questions
(easy/medium/difficult) &
standing) and repetitions are available
Theoretical/Numerical questions can
also be selected separately for each paper
 By clicking on the
print option ,the
question paper will be
generated as per user
defined parameters
User can generate own
question paper by manually
selecting appropriate
questions from the question
bank – typed on a note pad
P,C,M,B are the codes for
cs/biology for 11th Std, while
PP,CC,MM,BB are the codes for
12th Std
User just has to type P1, ..
Appropriate question
number(s) and upload the
document. Question paper
with solution key & Hints +
solutions with a distinct ID is
generated and stored in the
repository of database
User can re-print
already generated
question paper edit
the question paper
by selecting the
appropriate ID
Question Gallery
Displays the question bank
chapter wise
options for editing/deleting existing
questions as well as adding new
questions is available
While adding new question(s) user
has to classify the same [Level –
Easy/Medium/Hard] OR ASKU
User can create paper
pattern according to
exam pattern
Negative marking
option for real-time
assessment too available
Set Defaults
User can select the paper
printing format
(single/double columns
Setting templates options
like Class name, Logo ,
Watermark, Professor
/Faculty Name.
Option for printing future
date question paper too
 We appreciate your interest in RNS – Study ware, for
further details write or call