- TemplateNerd

The images on the following three slides were created
entirely in PowerPoint using the various shape, text and filter
tools available. Feel free to use them royalty free and without
All the images have been grouped so if you need to edit them
just ungroup , overtype and edit as needed.
I recommend regrouping the images after you edit and then
right-click and save them as .png images before embedding in
your course.
Just a nifty looking interface. You could
assign some actions to those buttons at the
top, or just leave them there for visual
purposes only.
There are both Mac & Windows look and
feel buttons at the top so simply delete the
one’s you don’t want.
This bubble looks much
better when placed over
the top of something.
The images on the following five slides were created in
PhotoShop and are intended for white backgrounds. My
apologies but they are not transparent.
I personally created all these images so you can use them
royalty free with no limitations.