First Grade News Date

First Grade Newsletter
February 10, 2012
Language Arts
Important Dates and Events
• Feb. 17th Valentine’s Day Party
Please have your child make
their Valentine’s Day box/bag
at home.
• Feb.19th PTO Family Day Park
Center Lane (2-4p.m.)
• Feb. 20th Presidents Day—No
• March 26th Spring Break
Unit 3 “Changes”
“Where Are My Friends”
Spelling Words ending in “er” “est”
How the seasons are different and what
animals do in the winter
Next Week
Benchmark Test
We have finished our 3rd series of
Reading Streets and we will be testing
the kids over what they have learned in
this unit.
No Spelling Words due to
Ch. 6
Ch. 6 Pretest
Lesson 6.1 Addition/Subtraction Fact
Lesson 6.2 Equivalent Names for
Lesson 6.3 Fact Families
Lesson 6.4 Fact Family Triangles
Next Week
Lesson 6.5 Strategies to Solve
Subtraction Facts
Lesson 6.6 The Centimeter
Lesson 6.7 Exploring Pattern
Blocks,Addition Facts, & Triangles
Lesson 6.8 Addition Facts Practice
with “What’s My Rule?”
Extra Notes
Now that we have begun Unit 3 in our
reading unit, students will now be
tested on how many words they can
read in a story in 1 minute. You will
receive a handout telling you how many
words they read. By the end of the 3rd
nine weeks they should be reading 2030 words. Our goal is to have your
child reading 60 words by the end of
the year. One way that you can help us
is to make sure your child reads to you
everyday. Studies show that the more
a child reads the better they will
become at reading.
Please continue to work with your child
on their addition facts. Just a few
minutes a day can make a world of
difference. Your help is greatly