News from Room 113 A Peek at our Week Reading :

News from Room 113
29, 2016
A Peek at our Week
Reading: We are wrapping up our
Fiction unit and practiced making
connections to different books, along with
retelling a story using important details
from it. We learned we can use our 5
fingers to help us retell our stories.
Phonics: (A-Z, or, ar, ur, ir, er, ch, sh, th,
wh, ing, ed, ai, ee, ie, oa, ue, ou, ow, oy, oi,
oo, blends) Please continue to practice all
of the sounds including those tricky sounds.
Writing: Our focus is still on making and
writing complete sentences. We have been
working hard in our Squiggle Books. Ask
your kinder all about it!
Words Their Way: We are working on
individuals sorts to practice specific skills.
Math: We started our unit in graphing
and learned what we can use graphs for.
Please play the math game throughout the
week and sign and return the bottom
portion on Friday in their purple folders.
Jan. 29: PTO Bingo
Feb. 5: 100th Day
Feb. 11: Valentine’s Day
Feb. 11: Early Release
Feb. 12 & 15: No School
If you are going to
send in cards for our
Valentine’s Day Party
coming up, please
make sure there is one
for each student. We
have 19 friends in the
AM and 16 friends in
the PM. Also, please
do not write individual
names on each card.
Social Studies: We are continuing our
unit on Friends and got to interview a new
friend and find out about some of the
things they like. It was fun to see the
things we have in common.
Science: We began our Earth Science unit
and talked about day and night.
Snappy Words: (I, a, and,
me, the, to, go, you, can, my, he,
she, we, at, be, no, it, like, am,
play, on, in, yes, did, for) Take
some time to practice these so
they know them in a “snap.”