Third Grade Weekly Newsletter
February 1, 2016
Curriculum Corner
To help prepare for the South
Carolina Ready Test, we are
combining our reading and writing.
What we read in shared reading we
will also be writing about. Our focus
will be teaching students to be close
readers and be able to think and
write about the text.
We will continue working on division,
but we will also be working on how
to solve division word problems. .
Our unit on rocks will begin this
week. We will look at the different
types of rocks and how they are
Spelling List/ Vocabulary
1. Color
2. Country
3. Soil
4. weigh
5. Women
6. Coloring,
7. colored,
8. countries
9. soiled
10. weight
11. Weighing
12. woman,
13. men
14. man
15. many
Upcoming Dates:
Read 20 minutes every night
Feb. 1-Hat Day (Reading Our Way to a
Math worksheet
Feb. 3-PS Progress Report
Spelling: write words 3 times, abc
order, sentences, and study
Feb. 11-PTSO Valentine’s Day Dance
Feb. 15- No school for students
Feb. 18-PTSO “Love”-5:30