Mechanical Weathering and Erosion Lab

Mechanical Weathering
and Erosion Lab
Station #1 Wind Erosion
1. The wind would transport the
sand to a new location.
2. The sand would probably
stick to the clay, adding
material to the landform.
3. Over long time period the
wind blown sand would
reshape other landforms.
4. Both use moving sand to
physically reshape an object.
Station # 2 Splash Erosion
1. Mountains that experience
large amounts of rainfall
would be worn down more
2. Some material is less
resistant to weathering, so
it would break down more
3.The water dropped from a greater height moved the
material faster. It also moved the larger pebbles
further away from the landform.
Station # 3 Dissolving Rock
As the water slowed down
the sugar settled out of the
water. (deposition)
The surface of the “rock”
was weathered and eroded.
The rock is carried towards
the bottom of the tray. When
the water evaporates the
sugar is left behind.
Stalagmites and stalactites
are formed in a similar way.
Station #4 Mechanical Weathering
1. Rock fall, Landslide, Saltation Abrasion
Station #5
1. Answers will vary
2. Magnetite
Station # 6 Wave Erosion
Wave Erosion of Coastal Cliffs Animation
Station # 7 Preventing Erosion
1. The plant would help hold the soil in
2. Water moving at a greater velocity will
carry (erode) more sediment.
3. Parking lots, roads and paved driveways
allow running water to pick up speed
before coming in contact with soil, which
will increase erosion.
Station # 8 Rates of Weathering
Rock B is more resistant to weathering.
Rock A is less resistant to weathering.
Drawing should show that rock A has
been broken down into sediment. Most
of the sediment would have been
washed away.
Drawing should show the formation of a
hoodoo. Rock B would have protected
the portion of Rock A that was directly
below it, forming a tower or a column.
Weathering, Erosion & Deposition
1. mechanical
2. chemical
3. mechanical
4. mechanical
5. mechanical
6. chemical
7. mechanical
8. chemical
9. mechanical
10. mechanical
11. chemical
12. wind
13. glaciers
14. waves
15. gravity
16. running
17. glacial
18. waves
19. wind
20. streams
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