HW 4 - Effingham County Schools

Homework #4
Name ______________
1. What type of erosion is slow, but moves the heaviest sediments:
(wind erosion/glacial erosion).
2. Chemical weathering can seep into the ground causing:
(mechanical weathering/caves).
3. A test to try out a theory is called (an experiment/gathering data).
4. As the experiment goes on, you collect information about what is
happening. This is called (experimenting/gathering data).
5. When you come to a realization based on the facts, you have your
6. A flat landform at a high elevation is called a: (mountain/plateau).
7. Earth’s crust is mostly made of (solid rock/iron).
8. Smaller pieces of rock that form from weathering are called:
9. This is a destructive force that breaks rock into smaller pieces:
10. This is a destructive process in which pieces of rock are moved from
place to place by water, wind, or ice: (erosion/weathering).
11. Who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin about the horrors of slavery? (Harriet
Tubman/Harriet Beecher Stowe)
12. He and a group of people raided an armory at Harper’s Ferry
Virginia as an act against slavery: (John Anderson/John Brown).
13. They wanted states to have more power during the Civil War:
14. They wanted the government to have more power during the Civil
War: (North/South).
15. To leave the Union was known as (secession/departing).
16. The president of the Union during Civil War: (Abraham
Lincoln/Jefferson Davis).
17. The president of the Confederacy during the Civil War: (Abraham
Lincoln/Jefferson Davis).
18. The 1st battle of the Civil War: (Gettysburg/Sumter).
19. Turning point of the Civil War: (Gettysburg/Sumter)
20. He burned through GA to finish cripple the South (General
Grant/General Sherman).
21. He surrendered to Grant at the Appomattox courthouse
(Lee/Stonewall Jackson).
22. He was known as a brave southern general; (Sherman/Stonewall
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