Rock cycle-songs - Monroe County Schools

[email protected] - --6th grade science - T.Copas/N.HolderStudents learn the formation processes of the three main categories of rocks in
the rock cycle through movement, song, and dance. They also learn the
differences in weathering, erosion, and deposition through the "Weathering"
song and dance movements.
Rock cycle-songs
Rock cycle song
• Magma rises to form igneous rock
• It breaks down by weathering and erosion
• It washes away by wind and water, it washes away by
wind and water
• It compacts and cements, it compacts and cements
• To form sedimentary rock, to form sedimentary rock
• It goes under heat and pressure, heat and pressure
• To form metamorphic rock, to form metamorphic rock
Weathering song
• "Wea-ther-ing! (pause) Ero-sion! (pause) De-po-sition!" repeatedly. For weathering, students will stick
out three fingers on each hand to form W's.
Rhythmically, they will slam their W's together to
represent the breaking of rocks. During the erosion
portion of the chant, instruct students to move their
hands in a sideways wave motion, similar to a hula
dancer. If your classroom has enough room, allow
students to slide sideways to model the movement of
erosion. Finally, when students chant "De-po-si-tion,"
they should make a downward motion with their hands
and kneel to the ground, showing how particles
eventually deposit or stop.