Land Changes Vocab

5th Grade
Land Changes Vocab
weathering: the breaking down of rock
into smaller pieces.
physical weathering: the breaking down
of rock by physical forces like
temperature changes, ice, and growing
plant roots. (Also known as mechanical
chemical weathering: The breakdown
or decomposition of rock that takes
place when minerals change through
chemical processes.
canyon: a deep gorge in the surface of
Earth formed by the erosion of moving
water and sand.
sand dune: a hill formed by wind
blowing and depositing sand.
hill: an area of raised land that is lower
and more rounded on top than a
mountain: a high, uplifted area with
steep slopes.
erosion: the gradual wearing down of
something by wind, water, and other
natural forces.
plain: an extensive area of level, mostly
tree-less, land, often covered by rich soil
and tall grasses.
deposition: the build-up of land by the
settlement of sediment and soil in a
new location.
valley: a low area between mountains
or hills where streams and rivers often
sediment: small, solid pieces of material
that come from rocks or living things.
glacier: a huge sheet of slow-moving
landform: a feature on the surface of
Earth, such as a mountain, hill, dune,
ocean, or river.
organic: made from something that is or
was living.
delta: a triangular landform where a
river empties into another body of
inorganic: not made from a living thing
or the remains of a living thing.