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Dear Parents:
The most anticipated JROTC event of the year is coming Saturday March 14, 2015 from 6:00 to
10:00 pm. It’s the Annual Dorman High School Cavalier Battalion Military Ball. The Cadets have selected
“Alice in Wonderland Masquerade” as this year’s ball theme. We will host the 2015 JROTC Military Ball at
Hampton Inn’s Summit Pointe (behind Westgate Mall, next to Costco) this year. It is a beautiful ballroom
setting for our Cavalier Cadets. Ticket sales begin on Tuesday, February 24th and will end on Wednesday,
March 11th. Tickets are $20 per person. The evening will include a catered meal, recognition of our Ball King
and Queen (seniors), Prince and Princess (freshmen), and dancing. We invite parents of Seniors and Freshmen
to stay long enough to watch the presentation of our Senior Cadets and crowning of our Military Ball
“Royalty.” As is our custom, parents will be asked to depart the ballroom following the coronation ceremony
so the Cadets can continue the evening activities. Parents should return to pickup their child at 10:00pm. We
ask that you support your child’s participation in this great evening. Please contact your child’s JROTC
instructor for additional questions or concerns.
Thank you. Colonel Ray Pettit, Director, Dorman HS Army JROTC
NOTE: The military ball is a formal, distinguished event. Cadets are expected to adhere to
a proper dress code and exhibit proper behavior at this event.
Attire: Proper attire is required. Proper dress includes: formal military uniform (with black
tie or black bowtie) or business suit (coat/tie). An evening gown is appropriate for the
young ladies. Gowns must completely cover the chest and be no more than 2 inches above
the kneecap. Extremely tight fitting dresses are not allowed.
Behavior: There will be several chaperones at the ball. Inappropriate behavior may result
in expulsion from the ballroom area.
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