• General member: volunteer or donor

• Member agency: charity that has funding agreement in place

• Association member: any interested organization

United Way NWT


• Provides administrative support to the

Board of Directors in all key areas

• Supports the Board to set priorities through engagement and research, and develop/implement Campaign and

Investment Strategies

Joe Lavorato, Edmonton

Financial Support

On a contractual basis, produces

Financial statements for the Board of


Board of Directors





Nominations Committee

• Ensure a diverse and representative Board is in place that members choose and support

• Inform members of nominating and election procedures

• Prepare a list and ballot of names for election of Board members

• Present nomination report at AGM

• Orientation and training of new

Board members

Vision and Governance


• Sets a long-term vision for the organization grounded in the goal of maximizing community impact

• Ensures a strategic plan is in place, and that Board members and others are engaged in this

• Overall good governance of the organization, including review of bylaws

Community Engagement and Investment Committee

• Engage the community and do research to identify priority issues

• Develop and implement Community

Investment Strategy to achieve impacts

• Major focus on partnerships

• Distribute resources through a fair, transparent and efficient process

Campaign Cabinet

• Builds a Resource Development

Strategy that aligns with the focus areas, desired impacts and investment strategy

• Engages key actors in the community to support the Campaign

• Leads communication activities related to the Campaign

• Recognition and feedback to donors