Campaign financing Chapter 17

Campaign financing
Chapter 17
• 2008 Presidential Election- Costs were
1.784 billion.
• Candidates spend money for primary and
general election.
• Money spent for TV Spots, internet ads,
appearances. Travel, campaign staff,
Finance Laws
• 1970’s try to eliminate illegal, secret
contributions- Nixon, LBJ/”Fat Cats”
• Federal Elections Commission(1974)independent agency that regulates
amounts given to candidates and party.
• 1,000 per candidate and 5,000 per
party/committee. 25,000 per year.
Current laws
• 2002 Bi-partisan Campaign Finance Reform Act
1. Soft Money- Given for general purposes, voter
drives, ads, party mailings- $2,000 per
2. Unions and corporations were banned from
issue ads of a candidate for up to 60 days before
an election.
3. Web Sites that cost $250.00 or more are
regulated by the FEC.
• Questions?
• What changes would you like to see to
campaign funding/financing.
Chapter 17 Study booklet.
• Create a study booklet that shows
understanding of the following areas:
• 1. Campaign finance
• 2. Expanding Voting Rights
• 3. Influences on Voters.
• 17-1: Election Campaigns
I. Electing the President
A. Electoral votes and states
B. Campaign Strategy
C. Campaign Manager
E. Internet
• What should you know? Why is it important?