Year 11 Mini Marketing Project

Year 11 Mini Marketing Project
Aims: To recap marketing knowledge and practise applying theory
To recap all key terms
To create a professional campaign in a limited time frame
In pairs you are to create a mini marketing campaign for the product of
your choice. Ideally the product will be a low cost item that is not of a
particular brand to allow you to give it an image. Products such as socks, a
mug or a hat would be ideal.
Your pair will have a 5 minute slot to market the product to the group and
it must include the following:
Details of the product (material, size, necessary/luxury good,
image etc)
Features and benefits
Intended target audience, including reference to the market
segment (define age, income etc)
Brief overview of suitable market research that you have carried
out with results (make this up)
Identification of main competition
Product life cycle with extension strategies
Pricing strategy
Place, distribution channels
Promotion strategy
SWOT Analysis
Your campaign must be professionally delivered with use of visual aid, eg
product and posters.
Peer marking will be used and you will be graded on your preparation, use
of key words and marketing knowledge.
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