Make a Change Project

Flemming 2015
AP Government Project: The Big Election
You will be running in a primary campaign for the Presidency of the B116. You will work in groups
of four with one of you being a candidate and the other two their supporting members. In order to
successfully complete the campaign you will need to produce the following materials:
Team Member 1: The Platform: The platform is your position on the major issues of the day.
Your platform is important, it will be the base document for both your first draft and your
commercial, so start early! You will need to choose a platform surrounding one school rule or
policy you would like to see changed or revised. Choose wisely – you will have to garner
support to win the election. One person in your group will be in charge of writing a minimum
one page double spaced paper regarding the importance of your platform and why it needs to
be instated, changed completely or just revised.
Team Member 2: The Strategy Document: This should be in the form of a memo. In this you
will describe how you will ensure you win the win in the classroom election. How will you
ensure that you have support from your peers? Who will you need to meet with/talk with to
ensure you see real change? Is your platform feasible? Your strategy document should be a
minimum of 1 page. It should be typed, double spaced and written by a different member of
your group.
Team Member 3: Community Support: Devise and implement a plan to prove that you have
both student and adult (teachers, parents, administrators, etc.) support for your platform.
Write a half page paper explaining your community support strategy and implement it. You are
working on a short timeline…get busy! You will include evidence of support with your half
page explanation.
Team Member 4: The Campaign Commercial: You may either film or perform a one minute
long campaign commercial. This commercial should highlight your platform and mention at
least 3 major reasons you see a need for change/revision. You can make your campaign
commercial either positive (about you and your positions) or negative (attacking one of your
fellow opponents). But, you must mention the issues, even negative campaign ads cannot
simply bash your opponent. A script for your commercial should be written by the third
person in your group and be a minimum of 1 page. Keep it clean and keep it friendly, but
otherwise go to it!
The written portions of the project along with performances/videos will be due on Dec 4th and
your grade will consist of the following:
Daily Grade 1: Wednesday check point on progress
Test Grade: Each member will be graded on both their written portion of the project and
their contribution to the team. Although you are each writing your own portions of the
project, you are working together.
Daily Grade 2: After the commercials are shown the class will vote on the change they
would most like to see at Dulles High School.