Chapter 5 review


Chapter 5 review

Political Parties

What are the basic functions of a political party?

 Nominate candidates and get them elected

 Inform and activate supporters

 bonding agent

 govern

 watchdog


 Plurality-number of votes beyond next highest

 Bipartisan-supported by both parties

 Consensus-most agree on matters of fundamental importance

Why has America had a 2 party system?

 a.Historical Basis

 b.Tradition

 c.Electoral system

What were the first parties in

American History?

 Federalist and anti-federalist

Why is the era from 1968 to today known as the area of Divided Government?

 It was divided where no party had control of all phases of the government

What are the four types of third parties?

 a.Ideological

 b.single issue

 c.economic protests

 d.splinter

What are the 5 basic elements of the national Parties.

 1.National Convention

 2.National Committee

 3.National Chairperson

 4.Congressional campaign committee for house

 5. Congressional campaign committee for senate

 Ward- city district for council election

 Precinct-smallest unit of election where you vote