Create a Hyperlink to a Website Step 1

Create a Hyperlink to a Website
Step 1
- Go to the bottom of the page and highlight the words “The University of Tennessee at Martin.” Be careful to get
only the word and not any space before or after it.
Step 2
- Leave the name of the university highlighted. You are going to make it into a link.
Step 3
- With the name highlighted, move your cursor to the Insert menu and select Hyperlink at the bottom of that list.
Step 4
- When the Insert Hyperlink window opens you
will find the LINK TO box where the URL
should be placed. The URL for UTM is Look carefully at what
you typed. Make sure that it is exact. Web Page
is the default setting. This creates a link
directly to the Web.
Step 5
- Select OK and try your hyperlink. The
correct Web page should open.
EXAMPLE for Practice
The University of Tennessee at Martin