The Web at a Glance - PAMS-PIERCE

The Web at a Glance
What is the World Wide
It is an enormous network of computers that
are linked all over the world.
What are some of the things we
use the Web for?
Discussion Groups/Blogging
What do you need to be able to
connect to the Web?
Phone/cable line
ISP (Provides Username, password)
Browser Software
What is a Web page?
A web page is an electronic document
written in a computer language called
What is a URL?
Uniform Resource Locator is the address for
a web page.
What is a hyperlink?
A hyperlink can be text and images that
connect you to other web pages.
What is a website?
A website is one or more web pages that
relate to a common theme.
What is a Home page?
A homepage is the first page of a website –
which acts like an index or table of contents
for a website.
Navigating the Web
There are three main ways to move between
web pages or websites:
•Click on a text hyperlink
•Click on a graphic hyperlink
•Type in the URL of a web page in the
location box
•You can always perform a GOOGLE search if you don’t
know what you are looking for!
Do you need to type your
URL exactly to locate a
desired web page?
Sometimes you need the exact URL. If
you are trying to get to a specific
page – like a Quia quiz or private
site you will need it.
Can you name some
examples of browser
software that lets you
navigate through the
What do we use at PAMS?
Internet Explorer